Myofascial Bodywork/Structural Integration

What is it?

CORE Structural Integration/10 Sessions

CORE Structural Integration/10 Sessions


Myofascial Release is one of the most advanced treatments available today.  Offering deep, yet soothing massage.  It involves specific techniques of stretching and spreading the fascia with slow, deliberate movements. These techniques are generally used to remove chronic restrictions that cause limited mobility, postural distortion, poor cellular nutrition, pain, and a variety of other dysfunctions.

Structural integration is a specific application of these myofascial techniques into a 10 session approach to rebalancing/ realigning posture with a goal to returning to normal function.  Each session focuses on a specific section of the body with deep myofascial manipulation, movement and breathing.

CORE Structural Integration/10 Sessions

CORE Structural Integration/10 Sessions

CORE Structural Integration/10 Sessions


Session 1: "Restoring the Vital Capacity" work on the arm, ribs, clavicle, sternum, encouraging deeper breath.

Sidelying: Work on the pelvis, Hip flexors , Illiotibal band, hamstrings.

Session 2: Organizing the feet and back. Work on the feet, ankles, lower legs & back.

Session 3: "Free the 12th Rib" Sidelying, work on shoulder girdle, ribs. Quadratus Lumborum, lumbars, Iliac crest, hamstrings .  

Session 4: "Lengthening the inside line" Inside of leg from the ankle to the pubic ramus, working the adductors.

Session 5: Connecting the pelvis to the ribcage:  A core session, includes the Rectus Abdominus, Psoas, Pubus, Quadraceps.

Session 6: Horizontalize the pelvis: Only session lying on stomach, feet over edge of table, work from the feet up to coccyx, including the lumbars and spinal erectors.

Session 7: "Putting the head on, establishing the upper pole". Work on the upper girdle, neck, head, includes tissue release in the mouth and both nostrils (always with client's permission).

Sessions 8 & 9: "Relating to the core" One session is all lower girdle work (waist down) the other session is upper girdle. Revisiting areas we have been before to "fine tune" previous work.

Session 10: "Bringing it all together" Incorporating portions of all sessions. 

What is Fascia?

CORE Structural Integration/10 Sessions

What is Fascia?


Fascia (connective tissue, myofascia) is strong connective tissue which performs a number of functions in the body, including wrapping  the muscles and all organs and bones, providing structural support, protection and communication. 

In the fascial system as a whole, each muscle, down to each individual fiber, organ  and bone is wrapped in its own fascial layer.  These wrappings from all over the body all connect, forming a singular web that supports as well as enwraps, connects as well as separates, all functional units of the body, just think of an orange with the pulp as the muscle, organs and such, and the fibrous casing of each segment as the fascia.  These elastic, sturdy sheets also form a superficial and deep layer of wrapping of the entire body, like a full body suit, that serves as a container and restraining support of the whole body…this is called  superficial and deep fascial.  The tone of the superficial fascia is very clearly a factor in overall well-being.