Performance Stretching

Active, assisted performance stretching

What is it?

Performance Stretching is one of the most innovative forms of therapeutic stretching available.  It has proven to be particularly effective for overall flexibility improvement, postural re-balancing and recovery from training or exercise.

This method of muscle lengthening and fascial release provides effective, dynamic, facilitated stretching of major muscle groups, and most importantly functional and physiological restoration of superficial and deep fascial planes.   With AIS, we work on increasing flexibility and re-aligning posture to relieve pain and discomfort. Treatment can also boost sports performance and reduce long term wear and tear from poor postural symmetry. Due to the fundamental principles of this technique, it is quite gentle and people are only taken to their individual body's natural barriers. This makes it suitable for just about anyone, including those rehabilitating, and for those with busy lifestyles, poor posture or mobility.


  • Relieves pain: 80% of back pain is due to mechanical dysfunction and can be relieved through re-aligning the posture.
  • Helps prevent injuries: Active Isolated Stretching increases flexibility, mobility and health of muscles, tendons and ligaments, reducing the risk of muscle strain and tear. Regular Active Isolated Stretching significantly helps prevent sports injuries.
  • Promotes faster recovery: Active Isolated Stretching. improves oxygenation and nutrition of the myofacial structures promoting growth and repair.
  • Increases blood circulation:  Active Isolated Stretching stimulates circulation and lymph drainage, which helps eliminate wastes
  • Increases mobility and flexibility: Active Isolated Stretching allows you to intensify your training, protect you from pain, spasms and tension which will ultimately inhibit your movements.