Sports Massage


Sports massage is not really a specific technique, per se,  as we use the some of the same strokes you would find in 'less therapeutic' styles of massage.  So, what's the different then?  The main thing is how and when we apply these techniques.  First off, sports massage tends to be a bit deeper in pressure...but don't be put off, you as the client will be in full control.  Secondly, with the addition of a few more advanced techniques (STR, active release, myofascial, etc..) sports massage tends to be a bit more dynamic in nature.   The therapist will 'move you around a bit' and as the client you will be asked to participate in the session. 

For the athlete, sports massage can be divided into categories:

  1. Training or Maintenance - this is your everyday/week/month massage session which focuses on prevention, recovery and ridding the body of those minor niggles. 
  2. Rehabilitation - Led by the Doctor or Physiotherapist, this is where we work on specific injuries and the techniques used are specific and focused on the injury and to any compensation patterns that might occur as a result from injury.
  3. Pre-event, inter-competition and post-event - Massage before, during and after a completion or intense training sessions.  The styles, pressure and rhythm of the massage will vary dependant on the situation to avoid overstimulating, over relaxing, etc...

For the non-athlete, or as I like to call ourselves, average individuals (even though some of you might be well above average :-)), all you need to know is that the same techniques used on the highest level of athlete work just as well on us as well!